Bučovice, Ždánice and surrounding area


The town Bučovice is situated in the valley of the small river Litava on International Route E50 between the towns of Brno and Uherské Hradiště in the South Moravian Region. The town has become the centre of industry and education of this area. In 2004 the newly built sport centre which included a swimming pool, tennis courts, football pitch was opened and in 2007 this centre added a  heated outdoor swimming pool. One of the most famous historical sights is the Renaissance Cháteau, with its beautiful Manneristic Fountain of 1635 – 1637 - situated in its courtyard and belongs to the most precious building of Zaalpský area. Other interesting architectural places in Bučovice are The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1641), the Old Town Hall and a Jewish cemetery. Marked paths will lead you to the nearby hills of Chřiby, where you can visit Buchlov Castle, Buchovice Chateau or Maravian Gorge with its well known dripstone caves and the splendid  Macocha Abyss (Stepmother Abyss).


The village is situated in the northwest of the Hodonín district and is located 10 km south of Bučovice, at the foot of Ždánický Forest National Park. Ždánice is surrounded by forests, fields, orchards and vineyards. The 2,600 local people take part in a very rich cultural and social life. There are five folklore organisations, three dulcimer music bands and many other associations. In 1965 after the building of a Cultural Centre began a tradition renewal of The Emperor Festival (císařské hody). Most favoured cultural events include “Songs in the grass”, October Festival, Cathren´s Party, Christmas Tree Carols, and Feast of Stephen Concert in the church. The towns sport facilities are also plentiful with football and field-hockey pitches, tennis court, gym and newly renovated swimming pool. In 1996 the Ždanice Forest was declared to be National Natural Park and the beauty of local forests attracts outdoor activities all the year round. There are many trails for hiking and cycling. A favourite tourist attraction is the HISTOpedál Competition an exhibition of historical bicycles. The 60 year-old Museum of Vrbas shows number of interesting, precious and curious historical items and it is situated inside the Chateau. The Chateau adjoins a beautiful park with rare woody plants and a hundred-year-old dog cemetery.

The convenient position of this area allows a relaxing environment for its inhabitants and visitors alike.

Outgoing tips:

  • Trade route Těšanka, 30 km
  • Castles and chateaus, 50 km  
  • Nature trail
  • Butterfly paradise trail

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