Penzion Rustico v Bučovicích hodnocení


Allergen microarray

Application: Protein Microarray Dispensing of bead solutions

Macro Array Diagnostics GmbH


is a Vienna based MedTech company
andoperates on the basis

of the internationally recognized and certified quality management systems EN ISO 13485 and EN ISO 9001 with defined standards, tested raw materials, components and services.

  1. Their products allow flexible,
  2. reliable and affordable sensitization profiling of each patient.

MADx established protein microarray based on 300 different bead solutions coated with different antigens. These solutions are dispensed by M2-Automation technology within a 3 x 1.8 cm membrane format (cartridge) with multi-channel dispensing technology.


Read-out systems (ImagExplorer and MAX 45) have been developed for a convenient analysis of the human blood by determining IgE against 295 allergens in one step.

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